Forrester Cohen

Forrester Cohen: Supports Investors and Advisors with an Industry compliant marketplace that supports the client’s best interest.

Client’s Best Interests

Brings advice-standard ethics and business processes to property investment advice.  This supports advice professionals such as financial planners, accountants, and solicitors participating in supporting their client’s best interest’s wealth creation through property.

Professionalism and Transparency

The goal is to bring professionalism and transparency to an industry that has been plagued by Vested interests and those wishing to just sell property without regard to the client’s best interests. At that time, a group motivated professional investors set out to formularize the selection of property for the creation of wealth.

Industry Standard Advice

The result is now encapsulated in an industry standard training course those wishing to be professional advisors. Some of Australia’s most awarded and acclaimed professionals have been through this course. It is now considered the industry standard for property investment advice and is being taught to advisors of some of Australia’s leading Finance, Planning and Accountancy companies as well as many well-known professionals.

All Forrester Cohen Advisors are Accredited by The Property Investment Association of Australia Inc. PIAA

The Industry Compliant Marketplace

Industry Compliant

Forrester Cohen now provides a marketplace for professional advisors that are interested in their client’s best interests. It supports advisors and their clients with the market intelligence and services to support a better investor experience.

An Industry Standard Process

Standard Process

Investors wishing to create wealth with property can be assured that they will be taken through an industry standard process for property investment advice. Additionally, properties are only selected on their ability to contribute to the client’s wealth generation goals.

A Proven Methodology

Proven Methodologies

We use the Moore Methodology to evaluate Where to Buy, When to Buy and What to Buy within each location. This framework has supported clients earning from $2,000 to $40,000 per week in passive income, for the past 15 years.The methodology is also being used to model feasibilities for High-Speed Rail infrastructure using ‘value capture’.

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We us this methodology to find out the highest growth areas in Australia BEFORE they happen.