The Forrester Cohen Advantage

Forrester Cohen brings  advice-standard ethics and business processes to property investment advice.  This supports advice professionals such as financial planners, accountants and solicitors participating in supporting their client’s best interest’s wealth creation through property.

  • Transparency and Professionalism

Full disclosure of all vested interests; fully disclosed qualifications and experience; factual transparent information about the area, the suburb and the property; and full disclosure of all fees.  Professional interactions with all other market place participants.

  • Factual Market Intelligence

Factual, referenced and dated market intelligence from reputable and expert sources.  This is framed to provide answers about the where to buy, when to buy and what to buy questions of investors.

Several Australian Residential Market Reports per annum and many local area reports as prioritised and identified by the drivers in the Australian Residential Market Report.

These reports can be presented to the client as part of the advice discussions, and included in the Wealth Builder Blueprint as evidence of those discussions. Their standardised format offers ready support for effective comparison of opportunities.

  • Sophisticated Analysis and Modelling Tools

Forrester Cohen provides advisors with web-based investment analysis tools.

Portfolio Modelling: Model the parameters a portfolio of property needs to achieve over time to deliver on the client goals. This provides the foundation for a robust discussion on risk plus key strategy decisions including but not limited to price point, style of property and tenant, time frames, LVRs, and contingency funding.

Moore Methodology: Modelling of trended data to evaluate current property markets for above average investment opportunities. This tool has been successfully used since 2004 to significantly increase the clients’ capital returns.   Discussions are underway with Western Sydney University to independently validate these findings.

  • Back of House Services

Provides ongoing support and communication.

Scenario Manager to support the matching of the client’s goals with the area and property selected plus Market Intelligence Reports to support this discussion.

The management and communication of the property transaction process from reservation fee to settlement and tenancy for advisors and their clients.

  • Business Standards for Advice

Forrester Cohen supports PIAA trained Advisors with the same ethical, communication and advice delivery standards practiced by graduates of the PIAA Course. This include ongoing support for SOPIAs, SOAs and ethical property presentation. Forrester Cohen and PIAA hold professional indemnity insurance with the same group to support seamless protection.

  • Investment Grade Property

Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Small Scale Development and Fractional Ownership.

There are currently about 4,000 properties on the Forrester Cohen Marketplace.  It has access to as many again if required immediately, plus the reach of the extensive network of specially selected listing agents.

Property is an unregulated asset so it is important to have an approved product list. Forrester Cohen goes a step further and does due diligence on their business partners too.

Property developers are scrutinised for their building experience, site selection, ethics, and their willingness and professionalism to contribute to the long-term relationships that support the clients’ best interests.

Listing agents are scrutinised for their ethics, transparency, business connections, and their willingness and professionalism to contribute to the long term relationships that support to the client experience.

Product is scrutinised for its ability to meet client’s goals and time frames by location, by suburb and by style. It is vital it meets acceptable building standards and has future appeal to local tenants and later potential purchasers.

  • Fee Security

Forrester Cohen provides fees via its FeeSure escrow account at Macquarie Bank. Forrester Cohen has legal agreements with the all the participants in the market place to ensure appropriate compliance with fee payment by developers/ builders, and client’s best interests fees in proportion to each participant’s contribution to their client’s experience.

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