The Federal Government is due to release a prospectus mid-August to the proponents so that Expressions of Interest may be made later in 2017.

Forrester Cohen has been involved with the Spacecon Australia Consortium’s proposal for a High-Speed Rail in Australia since its inception in 2014. Since then the ideas and concepts have been developed into a detailed proposal that was presented to the Federal Government on October 28th, 2016.

The proposal is to build own and operate a High-Speed Rail Link consisting three stages:

  • Stage 1: Sydney to Newcastle
  • Stage 2: Sydney to Canberra
  • Stage 3: Newcastle to Brisbane

The stage 1 proposal includes the development of three smart cities between Sydney and Newcastle with additional population centers at the Sydney terminus and one at the Newcastle terminus.

Spacecon Australia Pty Ltd leads an international consortium including Posco, Hyundai and Samsung that is supported by the Korean Government. The consortium is seeking planning permission to build a High-Speed Rail (HSR) facility in Australia with stage one an underground service between Sydney and Newcastle. The rail project is expected to have further stages including Sydney to Brisbane and Canberra

Members of this consortium have had considerable domestic and international experience in building HSR networks. They are willing to pursue, an unsolicited proposal without tender, for the construction of the various stages of this HSR project that may be above and below ground.

The consortium views this project as a significant opportunity to demonstrate the relationship and the benefits of the Free Trade Agreement between Australia and Korea.