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Have you ever though about how your life would look 
if you had more choices?
Most of us have, but few of us have any idea how (otherwise we would all be financially free and independent). 

=> Do you have a burning ambition to work less but seem to age working harder because that’s what you think is needed to create a larger income?

Since we have been children we have been indoctrinated by our teachers to think that we need to work hard to succeed but its not so. We can work hard out of choice but if we associate working hard with increasing our income we are putting a burden on ourselves that affects our emotional state and our ability to correctly prioritise our lives.

=> Want to work Smarter?

Working from 9 - 5 is not going to make the financial difference in our lives. Its what we do with what we earn that makes the difference. 

=> Did you know…?

If you were expecting to live to 90 years of age. Assuming you spend 30 years learning and 30 years working, you will have 30 years in retirement to enjoy the income you have saved or invested. 

However, the reality is that if you spent all your 30 working years earning 100K per year you would have earn’t $3 million dollars. If we took tax, expenses and the cost of our modest home we would be left with 10% of that (about $300,000). If we were to invest that over the 30 years at 5% we could earn about $708K M in that time (10K per year for 30 Years at 5% compounding interest). 

Of course you can save more or your partner may also have an income. The exercise is a reality check.

In December 2015, the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA) published that average super balances at retirement were $292,500 for men and $138,150 for women; and for households $355,000.

=> So what can you do?

One way to 'get ahead of the curve' is to invest in property. But, you will need sound investment advice. Advice that is based in fact not opinion and has a sound methodology behind the assessment of locations, times and type of property that is most suitable for you.

To invest in property wisely, start with a plan, that is, a plan the will become the road map to successfully replacing your income over a number of years. Have this plan checked regularly updated regularly by your advisor to identify any potential risks and how they may be mitigated.

=> Can you afford NOT to take the NEXT step?

1. Do Nothing.

So you can still do nothing and things could be the same in 10 years. The same as they are now, or....

2. Do it Yourself.

You can do it yourself, we can help you by providing access to our market intelligence, methodologies and more, or.... 

3. Done for You.

We can create a customised plan for you (your wealth builder blueprint) that is a document identifying the steps you need to take to create the income you desire. 

What is Your Wealth Builder Blueprint?

  • A documented, step by step process that will show you how to achieve the results you want.
  • Our unique methodology for determining where, when and what to buy, giving you:
  • check-circle
    the locations that are growth locations and why they are good prospects,
  • check-circle
    what stage of the cycle the area is in - growth or decline,
  • check-circle
    the type of property -  maximised for capital growths or rental return.
  • What structure would ben most suitable for asset protection and estate planning.
  • Access to our talent bank of specialist advisors, mortgage brokers, estate planners and accountants.
  • We can help you implement the the plan also.

Get your FREE   "Wealth Builder Planning  Session". 

Are you worries you are not going to have enough in retirement? Do you want to create a legacy for your family? or Do just want to create a better lifestyle? May be you have an existing portfolio that isn't performing as expected. Then we can help you. Call us and we can show you how you can get out of the RAT RACE.