How do we leverage Time and Money to make them work harder?

To fund the choices we want in retirement, and to live well, is the goal for most of us.

We want to have the funds to meet our daily needs plus to be able to do something special most years; to own our home; and to have a nest egg for our retirement.

It is the nest egg choices that drive the hunger to get wealth, or get wealthier.  Most of us want to replace our income to remain comfortable.  The government assessment of comfortable retirement with an income of $59,971 per couple[1] doesn’t do it for us.  We are more likely to want to earn $200,000pa for the rest of our lives.

$4M in unencumbered property assets, with a 5% rental return, would give us $200,000pa passive income.

If you can’t see yourself with this amount of money now, then, you need to change your plan.

The two things you control that you can leverage are either your time, or your money.

Which one is right for you?


If your calendar if full what else can you do?

Most of us have a big day job already and are often drained by its demands.  When we are working ourselves up the career ladder, we need to work networking, our relationships and upsell our skills. Some of us have a significant commute on top of that day.  Some of us have younger families, that we don’t see us much during weekday daylight hours, and some keep us up at night with the usual ailments.

To leveraging your time by creating a online business in this virtual world is a courageous choice.  You need to take the time to set it up, then leverage your time through good nurture and engagement funnels so that business is making money while you are at work or asleep.  Then you need to out perform the virtual community through relationship or value to keep your clients loyal to you.

Are you willing to invest in your business until it works?

That choice is on the table for all of us, but doesn’t suit so many of us. We don’t have the motivation, we prefer to spend time with our children, our partners, our interests, our sport, and our buddies.  We need time to refresh for the day ahead.


Can you work your money harder by leveraging it?

Many of us have money in the bank or equity in our homes that is not leveraged.  If we want to get ahead with our money and meet our retirement income, we need to leverage it and make it work harder.

If we invest $100,000 in an investment property and borrow $400,000 we have leveraged our money.  When our property grows by 7% or $35,000 in a year we have a 35% return on our investment of $100,000.  This is handsome and helps us get to our goals sooner.

Does this involve risk?  Absolutely!

What do I need to do to reduce the risk and still meet my goals?

You need property investment advice that is tailored to your risk profile and risk appetite.  You need to be able to sleep at night because your property investments are structured to suit your style and in areas with multiple growth drivers over your whole investment period.

Is this the option for you?  To leverage your money?


Want to create a Plan to Leverage Time and Money?

Want to make them work harder?

If you don’t have a current plan, let us help you to create a new plan to achieve your goals.  Book your 45min strategy session today.