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(Why are people are talking about International Influences and Why they could make the difference?)

What you read in the newspapers and hear about in the news is only part of the story.  In this report we look at the underlying facts; that are sometimes skewed to make stories for news, or to suit vested interests.  We provide an alternative view, based on facts!

This FREE strategic analysis reveals...

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    The Potential Risks  outlined by the World Economic Forum.
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    The potential Impact of the North Korean Conflict.
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    The potential affects of the Fiscal Crisis in Europe.
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    The Impact of Climate Change.
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    The 5 Most Important Growth Drivers for Property.
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    The Truth about Australia's 'Asset Bubble'.

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If you are a property investor, property investment advisor, Wealth professional, and if you want to supercharge your property investment knowledge.

Most experts look in the rear vision mirror to try to predict the future of house prices.  Looking at historic trends and data points in isolation can't predict future growth!

Want we want is to know what's going to disrupt the trend and promote growth. What we need, is a broader look at the base of economic drivers  so that we know what is going to change the trend.


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This report uncovers the facts behind the news stories to provide insights for those wanting to know an alternative perspective that help supercharge your knowledge and results!

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Ipswich LGA (QLD): see why we think it will be one of the fastest growth areas of the country in the next few years.

 Logan LGA (QLD): why certain types of property will outperform others in this area.

Melbourne (VIC): what does the Melbourne market have in store for investors throughout 2018?

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What's in the Report?

The world economic forum has identified a number of potential risks to world economies throughout 2016-17 band they are expected to continue throughout 2018. Whilst some of these threats may not seem relevant, some will affect the Australian Market. 

We need to bear in mind that these world events impact world fiscal policies and hence the availability of money throughout the world,  including Australia.

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