Logan Property Report 2018

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This report examines the considerations for this area as an investment.  The report uses metrics developed by Forrester Cohen to correlate local market conditions with factors that have historically driven capital growth.


The key macro drivers of capital growth are population growth, availability of finance, confidence, infrastructure and Government Policy. From these economic facts, we can focus in on supply and demand metrics such as days on the market and median price, to identify and describe the opportunity and its considerations.

All information is current at the time of publication. It is provided to support your own due diligence research and informed decision making. If you have any questions please ask your property investment advisor.

The key economic driver for Logan LGA is its proximity to Brisbane CBD, its young population and existing infrastructure with over 90,000 local jobs many of which are concentrated on its northern border with Brisbane LGA.

The Gross Regional Product (GRP) for Logan LGA was $13.2 billion in the year ending June 2016, up from $11.24 billion the previous year7, or a 17% rise. This was an exceptional figure and was well above national averages which were in the 3% to 3.5% range. Logan LGA has over 90,000 local jobs8 with a strong manufacturing sector. It also has strengths in retail, professional services, property and real estate services, health and medical, construction, and agricultural sectors.

Unemployment was lower than average for SE Queensland and all of Queensland in March 2017 and on par for June 20179. The key groups that struggle to find employment are the older and younger candidates.