To Create More Financial Choices: You  Need a Plan!

Let us Help you Create a Plan to replace your salary within 10 years or Less through Sustainable Property Investment.

What makes us different: We love to challenge conventional thinking and find solutions to increase your results.

Through decades of analysis of the Stock, the Property, and the Financial markets we have created a mathematical formula that enables us to predict house price growth.  It lets us identify where an area is in its growth cycle.

With this information, we can support you to optimize your results as capital growth is not evenly distributed over a cycle of growth. When you buy in a rising market it enables you to achieve results sooner!

We overlay this formula with positive and negative economic trends to appreciate the game changing drivers.  We then study their depth and strength, plus where they overlap, to gain an understanding of the best opportunities.

Our trained, dedicated property investment advice professionals have a passion for helping investors—because they’re investors, too. They give more than advice, they give you commitment.

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Client’s Best Interests

  • Our Forrester Cohen Property Investment Advisors work in your best interests; they focus on your needs and goals to drive the creation of your plan.You can tell this because they stay at your side, rather than moving to represent the seller’s interests in the selection of a property as the vendor’s agent.
  • Our Forrester Cohen Advisors provide impartial and transparent advice because they have no vested interests or commercial relationship with the seller’s agent or the seller.
  • Our Forrester Cohen Advisors provide a fee for service advice consultation.
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A Planned Process

  • Their property investment advice starts by understanding your goals and your current situation. From this vital information, a plan is created for your success, to be able to deliver your strategy over time. This can be optimised by our study of the market game changes provided in our Market Intelligence Reports and the information in the Moore Methodology.
  • In comparison the unsuccessful property investor doesn’t plan; they usually go ‘shopping’ for what they think is a good buy. This ends in emotional upheaval for many and can have disastrous financial consequences.
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Factual Information

  • Our property investment advice is underpinned by thorough factual research and analysis. We use the Moore Methodology and our Market Intelligence Reports.
  • At every stage in our advice process, you can turn PHOG to FACTS for you can make transparent informed decisions.

(PHOG: Perception, Hearsay, Opinion, and Guesswork. FACTS: Foresights, Analysis, Confirmed data, Tests and Success)[/karma_builder_imagebox_2]

A Professional Service

Every Forrester Cohen Property Investment Advisor is Certified or Accredited by the Property Investment Association of Australia (PIAA).

They hold professional educational qualifications, professional indemnity insurance for their advice, and they are members of PIAA complying with the PIAA code of conduct and business process.

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