What Is Professional Property Investment Advice?

It is a wealth creation strategy tailored to your circumstances.  It sets out a plan that answers the broad questions, “What do you want to achieve? And by when?”  It is also shaped around their risk tolerances to support a sustainable plan given your forever changing life circumstances.

Consult a professional property investment advisor who charges commensurate fees up front for a written plan (advice) backed by professional indemnity insurance.  They work in the client’s best interests to create a sustainable property portfolio to deliver results in the targeted time frame given the assumptions.  Properties are selected on the basis of metrics that give fact based evidence of continued capital growth over the holding period.

A sound wealth creation strategy has three phases, entry, holding and exit.  To be successful we need to start with the end in mind and work backward, from the desired result.

The Entry Phase

In this Phase we are looking to purchase property that has good capital growth. This will enable you to grow your portfolio faster.

As your equity grows so will your purchasing power.

Success requires much more than one off planning at the initial acquisition phase.  Given that property investment is a long term wealth creation strategy, it is likely that changes to your personal situation, the economy, and the law etc will occur during the time frame involved to reach your goals. And, many of these changes could affect your ability to continue acquiring properties, hold them, or exit their position as initially intended unless your work through the 6 step process, we set review points or as the need arises to keep on target.

The Holding Phase

To be successful you also look forward in time to ensure that you understand, and will be able to meet, year after year, all the requirements to hold the property.  So, any acquisition you are thinking about must be made in the context of, and informed by, the ongoing need to manage, tenant and cover the various costs associated with holding the property.

This is an important consideration to ensure that you meet your goals at exit.

The Exit Phase

Ultimately though, any property investment needs to be made by beginning with the end in mind. You must consider upfront what you will be looking to do with the property or portfolio of properties as the case may be, as you get closer to hitting the target. You might, for example, be looking to liquidate your position, or perhaps leaving this wealth to the next generation.  In either case, what you have in mind in terms of an exit strategy will have a significant bearing on your considerations when acquiring and for holding the property.

Find out more about our 6 Six step process for success!

Successful investors realise that sustainable wealth creation through property begins with the end in mind, and relies on the relationships between your exit strategy, ability to hold your investments over the time frames required, and all the steps involved in the acquisition phase.