The 7 Biggest Traps for Property Investors, How to Avoid Them,

and, Create Passive Income!

Join us on this Webinar and learn how to avoid the 7 biggest traps for Property Investors. 

Are you confused by all the hype, conflicting stories and commentary on the property market?

Don't know who to trust?

Don't know what information to believe?

Over the past 20 years we've seen a lot of investors struggle to create enough passive income. One group I was part of, spent millions of dollars. Some of them got it right and some didn’t.

We were able to study what made the difference between those that created their desired incomes and those that didn't.

From these insights we developed a predictive formula for house price growth. And using it, our clients have repeatedly created passive incomes - from $2,000 to $10,000+ per week. 

If you’re interested in property investing, you must see this webinar, I know that you will get a ton of value and ideas out of it. 

In this webinar you will discover:

  • How to navigate the commentary by learning how read the market! 
  • How to create a profitable property portfolio! 
  • How to improve an existing property portfolio! 
  • A secret technique that will show you how to predict the direction of the market in almost any location.
  • A simple way to ensure that your renovation strategy will create profit.
  • How to learn where buy, when to buy and what to buy!

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This is the first time we have shared this information publicly. Previously this has only been available to professional advisors, but we are now making available to you for FREE! 

So don't miss out, register now, you won't be disappointed.

John Moore

About Your Host

John is CEO of Forrester Cohen, a Property Investment Advice company that has been helping Executives and Professionals create passive income to replace their salaries for over 16 years. 

He was the founding President of the Property Investment Association of Australia and senior lecturer in the Property Investment Advice course now being delivered to some of Australias best known financial advice companies.