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Do you have an ambition to work less, but seem to age working harder because that’s what you think is needed to create a larger income?

Since we have been children we have been indoctrinated by our teachers to think that we need to work hard to succeed but it's not so. We can work hard out of choice but if we associate working hard with increasing our income we are putting a burden on ourselves that affects our emotional state and our ability to correctly prioritise our lives.

Importantly, it's about working smarter.

If you are on a journey but haven’t reached the destination yet, and want to start but want some help then I'm sure we can help.

Become a client and you will learn how others have created passive incomes of $10,000+ per week in 4 years. And, I can give you their formula.

Can you do it too?

Well, it depends on your risk profile and appetite. Not everyone has the will, time or experience to be able to do this.

But, we can help you.

I have taught the Property Investment Association of Australia (PIAA) Property Investment Advice course now for over 7 years and I have heard many describe how they make money from property investing.

I have heard all sorts of stories, tips and tricks from professional investors as well as many, many failures, and I don't want you to end up this way.


This property investment knowledge test will allow you to compare your level of knowledge with the experts.

We will send you a FREE report showing you how you compare in the 6  areas critical for success.

So if you want sound advice on how to achieve your goals and benefit from the experience of some of the best and most successful professional property advisors in the industry the join us...

I invite you to take the first step and test your knowledge of Property Investing. You can take this Knowledge Assessment Test and compare your score with others. Take the test and we will send you a report with your score and what you need to know to create a successful property investment portfolio.

Have you ever though about how your life would look if you had more choices?

Most of us have, but few of us have any idea how (otherwise we would all be financially free and independent).

John Moore
CEO: Forrester Cohen